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What is ACT – SMART about

ACT-SMART is a NEW Program designed to help the youngsters in their career, by providing different services! Such as trainings, consulting sessions, courses, mentoring etc.

Facts About us

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Act smart provides

ACT - SMART provides career training and consulting for Albanian students aged 16-26.The proffesional guidance service is for free

ACT Smart Trainings

ACT Smart Program is designed with the purpose of helping the youngsters to built their career as well as  to strength their skills. The general

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Career Consulting

Career Consulting is a new service created by ACT Smart Program aiming to help the youngsters to develop their best skills and to find the

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Informing and Consulting

ACT Smart Program will provide some fresh articles for boosting everyones career. Career informing is very important for young people so they can learn more

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Rruga “Myslym Shyri”,Pallati 56/1, 1001 Tirana, Albania